BOSHEL Dog Toothbrush Review

Double sided pet toothbrush set and pet finger toothbrush with dog toothpaste is the best choice for cleaning dog teeth.

Just like you, your dog needs proper oral care to prevent tooth decay and cavities but cleaning a dog's teeth can be a hassle. An ordinary toothbrush can't properly clean a dog's teeth, even with dog toothpaste, and giving your dog oral care treats simply doesn't remove enough of the plaque. But the Boshel dog toothbrush is so good at cleaning your dog teeth.

I adore these toothbrushes of BOSHEL for my dog teeth because the bristles are a bit softer. It is very handy product, much easier than attempting to use a tiny children's toothbrush with a small canine, and more thorough than the gauze I was using. My dog is still getting used to the brush, he doesn't exactly just open his mouth wide for a thorough h brushing, but we are working on it and I can even get to his back teeth and give them a gentle brushing which I am afraid of touching his teeth former time. Double sided is so useful for both big and small dog size. Besides, there has a figure toothbrush more handy in use.

These dog toothbrush allows you to remove the plaque that can harden and cause tartar. When used daily, the dog toothbrush can decrease the risk of teeth and gum problems and improve your dog's breath.

More wonderful, this set solves at least one problem with two extra-long, dual-headed toothbrushes and a fingertip brush that expands to fit any finger size. Using one long-handled brush and the fingertip brush makes the task a little faster and more effective when cleaning along the gumline. Take care of your pup teeth and gums is a must for their health. I see the long handled brushes work very well, this is the best product I have tried.                                                                                      


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