Panty Brief Sanitary Pants for Girl Female Dog - Beautiful summer pants

Titi, my lovely puppy like summer more than winter because I often take him for a walk around the lake near my house. but every time, he seems to envy his friends because they own extremely lovely dress with vibrant color. I think I have to give something to Titi. I was recommended by a friend to buy this pants on This looks pretty and cool. That’s why I was happy to review Boomboom Newest Cute Pet Dog Panty Brief Sanitary Pants for Girl Female Dog for dogs.

Style girl female dog.

Actually, in the summer, dog is not necessary to wear anything because their fur is also the shirt. But if you are a stylish owner, you will make your dog look outstanding. Aside from beautifying use, it also keeps your dog hygienic. Your puppy comes in contact with a lot of dirt and bacteria by playing outside, going to the toilet, and many other activities every day. So, I think choosing pants for them is a smart idea. It's like our three-hole shirt( T-shirt), It has made rubber-band in the legs and tail. It was made from cotton knit, it is cool and high absorbency in the summer.

I chose a red one for my dog, do you know what happens when he receives this gift? He jumped up and licked at my face. He really loved those pants, wonderful. I often take Titi to walk around the lake at the university every afternoon, he looks very confident when he approached the girl female dog to get acquainted. Maybe the new pants I just bought for him is the reason. Titi formerly used to be quite shy to get acquainted with other dogs, he only becomes attached to my legs. Or maybe he wants to show off his new pants. I posted a picture of titi on my facebook and many friends praised my dog, they complimented him having cute pants. That makes me very happy

Titi’s red pants is very seasonally appropriate. Some people stop and give my pup compliments because he is so adorable, they ask me where I buy it and I said that “I bought it online”. Plus, It comes in different sizes and colors ( X-small, small, medium, large)(orange, red, blue, yellow).


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