Blueberry Pet Classic Collar Review

In this review, we want to introduce to clients the most popularity collar in 2019 is Blueberry Pet Classic Collar:

Blueberry is a famous brand in dog collar lines with not only basic designs, colorful patterns but also robust and durable materials. All the products of Blueberry are made and tested carefully before releasing in the markets for consumers, thus, it is always believed by many customers. In this review, we want to introduce to clients the most popularity collar in 2019 is Blueberry Pet Classic Collar

Blueberry brand commits to improving customer satisfaction with 18 product lines, over 400 laboratory tests, over 390 in-line and final random inspections, over 2000 SKUs. The product receives an impressive number of customers reviews nearly 3,503 feedbacks and occupies 75% of 5 starts on total comments.  With this evidence, people can believe in the quality of the collar and true loving from consumers. Blueberry collar has 3 important characteristics to become a wonderful collar for dogs including:

Firstly, the collar is made from nylon fabric with high-density webbing to consolidate the product become more robust and durable. To be more friendly with the environment and can be used for a long time, the manufacturer produces the buckles of collars from high – quality plastic. The only metal thing is D ring still be chrome coated to increase durability. 

Secondly, customers can embroider the dog’s name or owner’s phone number on the collar to help your pets can properly be identified anytime. The size of letters and numbers are large and easy to see, however, they do not make the product becomes badly. 

Last but not least, the Blueberry collar can be combined with other supplies such as harness, leash, and seatbelt to create modern matching sets. The manufacturer designs 22 different colors for the classic collection of collar and matching set. The most colors are enjoyed by many the owners such as baby pink, blazing yellow, custard, emerald, fired brick, medium turquoise, hot coral, lavender, marina blue,…etc. 


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