Babyltrl’s Dog Vest Harness reviews

Babyltrl vest is strong enough to handle muscular breeds like Pitbulls, Great Danes, and more.

This Babyltrl harness is a high-quality choice for a vest harness for your dog. These dog harnesses are designed to spread out the pressure preventing your dog from choking and hurting the throat when dog pulls. It works great for big dogs.

I was pleasantly surprised that this vest is not only good looking but very functional.  It worked so well, my dog wears it around the house and doesn’t care if it’s on. It’s easy to put on, it has padding so my pooch is comfortable and it handles the pull of a full- size Pitbull. It has a leash ring on the front and on the back and also a handle on the back. He always wags his little tail whenever he sees me get it out for him, this dog vest even comfy enough to sleep in. It can be a bit hard to do the adjusting around the waist but once you do it, it stays in place so you won’t have to keep doing it. Sizing does run a bit big so this would be great for deep chested dogs. I highly recommend this vest for someone who are looking for a big dog vest.

Babyltrl’s Dog Vest Harness has some outstanding features:

Good quality

Babyltrl Dog Vest is made from premium durable nylon oxford and soft padded material, very comfortable to wear. No pull and no choke using a dog collar may cause respiratory problems or even lead to more serious injuries like a collapsed trachea.

A handle to assist

There is a sturdy top handle for quick grabbing, easy to control and grap hold of your dog if need be to assist them while on adventures.

Reflective and comfortable

With the reflective strap pet vest, keep your dog safe all the time while out for a walk even at night. Breathable mesh lining with soft sponge padding plate of our dog harness prevents dog injuries, giving extra comfort and protection.


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