ASPEN PET steel stake Reviews

This is a trusty anchor to keep pets safe and secure. Give your pet the freedom they crave while keeping them safe with the Petmate EasyTurn Stake. Whether you're out camping or visiting the park with your pup to have a nice time, be assured that the dog tie out cable and stake does an incredible job to keep your dog restrained, and most importantly, safe.

A trusty anchor

When someday you want to read a book in the park with your puppy and maybe your puppy will not leave you alone, he will disturb you or higgledy – piggledy running somewhere. So you need to tie them up with Aspen pet steel stake. Or when you want to buy something without your dog following.

This steel stake is designed with spiral steel tape to stick deeply to the soil, it not easily torn by the dog, this stake’s handle designed by the plastic, so it does not hurt to your hand. It is even easier to install with new wide grip handle.

This stake is made of durable, double - welded steel and leash is made of galvanized steel coated with crack - resistant polyvinyl that stays stronger for longer. It has wide - grip handle provides easy installment in any type of soil. Domed style handle prevents unsafe protruding from ground and allows for easy installment. Corkscrew style and dual-wedge plates provide secure and safe anchoring from strong pulling. 360-degree swivel ring allows for wider roaming without tangling. Galvanized steel leash is coated with crack-resistant polyvinyl to stay strong against pulling. This stake is able to endure a dog up to 100-pounds and it easy to Install in all types of soil. I formerly have a little bit worried about this stake, but I am so surprised by its ability. Because it was made of good steel so even though the soil was very hard, this stake still sticks deeply into the soil. Besides, it comes with 20-feet Tieout cable of Galvanized steel with a weather resistant poly-vinyl coating ( or Thermoplastic) 18' High X 9MM.


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