Ancol Timberwolf Dog Collar Review

Nowadays, collars are the popular accessories for dogs because they not only have many benefits but also express modern fashion for the owners and their pets.

With female dogs, customers can choose for them some colorful collars from the collection of Blueberry brand. Besides that, with male dogs, the owners should select for them the supplies are robust, luxury, durable,…etc. Timberwolf Leather Collar will become the best choice for male dogs, give a wonderful product to customers. 

Ancol Timberwolf is designed from quality top-grain leather so that the product is highly durable and strong, it can easily and comfortably bend or fit pets. Especially, the process to make Timberwolf collar is totally handcrafted by skilled labor in the UK. The product can prevent staining from dirt, water or oil because it stitched by a nylon-bonded thread along the edges. Moreover, the leather surface is treated with a 3M protector to support the capabilities of waterproof and dirt.

The luxury design of Ancol Timberwolf collar is completed with a D – ring buckles are made by gold for easy modification the size to suit with neck circumcenter of dog. With these structures of the collar, the customers can believe in the high-quality product and certainly, Timberwolf collar is made of leather so that it can be used for a long time than others. 

The manufacturer provides customers 2 color different like sable, blue and 6 types of sizes including size 3 (with the neck circumcenter from 28-36 cm), size 4 (with the neck circumcenter from 35 – 43 cm), size 5 (with the neck circumcenter from 39 – 48 cm), size 6 (with the neck circumcenter from 45 – 54 cm), size 7 (with the neck circumcenter from 50 – 59 cm) and size 8 (with the neck circumcenter from 55 – 63 cm). 


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