Acana Dog Food One Of The Best Choice

To find trust Dog food supplies is the first action of the dog's owner. Acana Dog Food is the best choice for you.

Acana Dog Food One Of The Best Choice

A lot of dog food on the market is full of ingredients that have no nutritional value to a dog. If you pick up a bag of dog food at the grocery store and read briefly the ingredients list, you will often see: meat by-products, corn, soy, and wheat. You have seen some dog foods that have corn as their first ingredient! This is not nutritious! The only reason dogs will eat these foods is because of the added flavors and sugars. It is like  junk food to them.  To find trust Dog food supplies is the first action of the dog's owner. Acana Dog Food is the best choice for you.

A Canadian company called Champion Petfoods that has been in business more than a quarter century makes Acana Dog Food. Now they reach 60 countries. This line of dog food was specially formulated to make sure that dogs keep up a kibble diet that is natural yet rich in nutrients.

Acana prides itself on making biologically appropriate foods and the brand is a new standard for dog and cat foods. Using only fresh ingredients, Champion Petfoods carry their dog food from start to finish and have managed to maintain very high standards that are sourced from trusted supply partners; those people understand the importance of fresh regional ingredient. Finally, they never outsource and only produce their own foods and do not allow anybody to make it for them.    

Any brand of dog food that has been developed to include natural, healthy, fresh ingredients is definitely a brand worthy of mention. Good nutrition is very important for keeping your pet healthy and living a long and happy life. With the Acana brand, not only are the ingredients natural but the nutrient proportions have carefully been thought about in order to make sure that the foods produced are biologically appropriate for dogs. Made of more than 95% fresh ingredients and less than 30% carbohydrates, these dog foods are definitely premium in quality. To add to this, the Acana brand is known to be reasonably priced when you take into account the caliber of ingredients that the products contain. Because Acana dog food is made in kitchens that are exclusively owned by Champion Petfoods, it is highly likely that the quality of the dog foods will be maintained and a guarantee can be made that there is no other brand that contains the same formula. Acana Dog Food is prepared with the fresh fish of Canadian Pacific and contains local fruit and vegetables and a perfect grain-free dog food for the natural diet of your four-legged friend. Acana uses a variety of meat that enhances the taste of the food. Your dog will enjoy feeding time without you having to force-feed them. All the organs and cartilage of the animals are used in the recipe when making food. This gives your pet a diet that is rich in vitamins, nutrients, and a texture dog’s love. Many breeds battle to digest the grain used in dog food. Acana has no grain, which keeps the chance of allergic reactions lowest. And your pet benefits from the antioxidants sourced from the fruits and vegetables used in Acana.

Not only are these foods biologically appropriate for dogs, the ingredients used in making the foods are extremely safe for human use. All these factors definitely make the Acana Dog Food brand one of the best available brands of dog food currently on the market.

You can see Acana Dog Food Overview:

-          Made In: the United States & Canada

-          Manufactured By: Champion Pet Foods

-          Free Of: Meat By-products, grain, gluten, dried and powdered ingredients, artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors

-          Different Flavors: 4 different lines - 20 formulas

-          Fat-to-Protein Ratio: 54%

-          Recalls: 0

-          Bag Sizes: 4.5 lb, 13 lb, 25 lb

-          Amount of Meat: Notable

There are four product lines for Acana dog foods to choose: Acana Classics, Acana Heritage, Acana Regionals and Acana Singles. The Heritage and Regionals line contain ingredients of varying proportions while the Singles line is specifically developed for dogs with a sensible diet.

This particular product is grain-free and has limited ingredients that are safe for dogs that require a sensitive diet. It is clear the company focused on making high-quality pet food that is complete and balanced. Their foods are produced with high levels of fats and proteins and very little ‘filler’ ingredients. Although it is one of the more expensive dog food brands on the current market, the price is justified because of the superior ingredients used that provide above-average nutrient levels and is a great source of nutrients for all types of dogs.


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