About Dog International Day 2019

It is rare to know that the twenty-sixth day of August is considered the ‘Dog International Day’ and this day is recognized by all animal lover citizens.

On this day, the owners will express all their special love with their dogs. On the other hand, dog lovers will go to some places which have a variety of abandoned dogs to adopt them or maybe just visit and take care of them. In 2004, celebrities combine with animal lover citizens to organize the dog's celebration and certainly, they were supported by people around the world. 

In which former US President George W Bush has contributed to the development and maintenance of this day, so people are ready to choose this day as the International Day of dogs. When the International Day of dogs is coming, on the internet commerce website will organize the sale-off program with all the products intended for dogs. Through it, you can choose your favorite supplies for your dogs as a way to express the giant love for them.

Thus, don’t forget to share this useful information with your friends who are in love with the best loyal pet but don’t know about this Dog International Day.



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