5 lessons for training your lovely dog

Training your dog at home is a base training that every master wants to fulfil toward their dog as teaching shake hand, and going to the loo rightly, etc. However, it seems that simple but most of the master does not know how to train their dog apprehended rapidly. Some of them lack of a patience until successful.

Base 1. Going to the loo

Firstly, you should choose a fixed position for your pet from now until mature so that he able to take a shape to their memory. You need to buy a tray and put a few old newspapers at bottom, his smell of pissed will help him realized. Besides, you should feed them on time and nutritious food. When your puppy gets a sniff, that is exactly he needs to wee-wee (after a meal about 5- 10 minutes)

We will repeat and repeat it again step by step. After your dog finishes the toilet, don't forget to fondle and compliment them. It is simple, isn't it? First time always is a hard time but important time during the training. In case, if your puppy pisses in outer toilet, you should reprimand him at that time. 

Base 2. Calling the name

Every puppy has a name. You usually call his name is the best way for him to remember who is he. Your puppy would be frightened and injured if you scold or strike him by whip. When he gets wrong you can lightly knock into his buttocks, you will easily manage when he gets well-trained. You should call his name much time on a day so that your instruction become familiar. Puppy also adores fondled head when he does something well. Your instruction should be brief as no, good, stand, lie, go go. This way quite easy and popular to perform for most of everyone.

Base 3. Training sit down, lie, creep.

Training sit down: let puppy next to you, your right hand hold his belt and your left hand weigh down on snout with "sit down". When he completes you need to compliment and fondle him. Using food for training is a great idea, let your puppy in front of you then your left hand pull the chain up, your right hand holding food and command " sit down". If he does good job, offers him that food.

Training lie: let your puppy to the playground and sit down in left side. After that you stoop near him, your left hand hold his belt your right-hand hold food lower in front of puppy's face and command "lie". You should train 5 time per weeks until he absolutely understands you.

Training creep:  Let your puppy lie in soft grass, your left hand put into his shoulder, your right hand tightly pull his belt and command " creep". If your puppy complete excellent, offer to him the best food.


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