18 interesting things about dog feet

The dog feet are specially constructed, helping them to dig and move easily on different types of terrain.

1. The body of a dog has about 319 bones, some of which are reserved for the legs. In addition to bones, dog legs include skin, tendons, ligaments, blood vessels and connective tissue.

2. Dog feet are made up of 5 main parts: toenails, toe pads, foot bone cushion, sermon, ankle cushion.

3. The toe pads and the foot bone cushion function to reduce shock, help protect bones and joints in the feet. Cushions in the ankles act as brakes when the dog moves on sloping and slippery roads.

4. These pads are formed from fat tissue, helping to protect other tissues located deep within the legs from extreme temperatures.

5. Padding helps to protect the feet when walking on rough terrain and also helps them distinguish between different types of terrain.

6. Dog feet have sweat glands that help cool, keep the cushion under the vacuum too dry. They can also perspire when the dog falls into a state of anxiety or stress.

7. Dogs are animals that go with the tips of their toes, so dog's toe bones are very important.

8. Dog's toes correspond to human fingers and toes. However, they cannot move as easily and easily as humans.

9. Titles are said to be remnants of the big toe, they are often removed by dog ​​owners to avoid collisions.

10. Although the caption does not have many functions to move and dig. However, the dog still uses his captions, such as keeping food tighter by foot to chew.

11. The Great Pyrenees still use the rear suspension to keep it stable when moving in rough terrain, uneven and often have a double leg on their hind legs.

12. Many breeds in cold climates like St. Bernard and Newfoundland have large foot areas, helping them walk better on snow and ice.

13. In all breeds, Newfoundland has the longest toe, followed by the Labrador breed in second place.

14. Some breeds have cat-like feet, round and compact, saving energy, supporting and increasing their stamina. Dog breeds are cat-like, Akita, Doberman pinscher, Schnauzer, Kuvasz.

15. Some breeds have rabbit-like feet, elongated shapes with two middle toes longer than the outer toes. Dog breeds are rabbit-like, Samoyed, Bedlington terrier, Skye Terrier.

16. Dog feet occasionally emit a special smell like the smell of fried corn. This fragrance is derived from bacteria and fungi, usually not leading to dog complications.

17. Foot massage for dogs will help them relax and promote blood circulation. The padding below the foot should be massaged in front of the toes.

18. The origin of the word "paw" is still unclear. It was originally called "pauta" in the Gallo-Roman culture. At the end of the 14th century, French called it "patin", meaning a shoe, a type of shoe.


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